The Student Forum at LADC welcomes fresh and exciting ideas from students working in the field of dependable and secure computing. The forum is a great opportunity for students to present and receive early feedback on their research objectives, methods, and preliminary results.

Submission Guidelines

Student papers should be single-authored, no longer than 6 pages in length, and formatted using the ACM sigconf template (double column, documentclass[sigconf]{acmart} for LaTeX. Students should submit papers as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file through JEMS.

The JEMS link for paper submission is: TBA

LADC’2023 Student Forum accepted papers will be publishet at SOL-SBC Open Lib

Accepted papers should be presented at the conference.

Comments and questions should be directed to the Student Forum Chair: TBA

Major topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Dependability of hardware: fault-tolerant architectures, multi-core systems, virtualization, nanoscale computers, hardware dependability assessment;
  • Dependability of software: frameworks and software architectures for dependability, runtime monitoring, adaptation, model-driven dependability engineering, testing, verification, software certification;
  • Dependability of networks: LAN, WAN, mobile, ad-hoc, sensor networks, protocols;
  • Dependability of data: storage, databases;
  • Dependability of maintenance: tuning performance and availability, security configuration;
  • Dependability and human issues: human-computer interaction, management of complex systems;
  • Security: foundations, policies, protocols, access control, intrusion detection, intrusion tolerance;
  • Safety: incidents & accidents, risk perception and analysis, safety-critical applications and systems;
  • Critical infrastructure protection;
  • Algorithms and methods for dependable and secure computing;
  • Dependability and security modeling, measurement and benchmarking.
Important Dates
  • TBA